Submitted or In Press

  1. Network models for malaria: antigens, dynamics, and evolution over space and time.
    Lauren Childs, Daniel B. Larremore.
    In Press, (2019).


  1. Dynamics of Beneficial Epidemics.
    Andrew Berdahl*, Christa Brelsford*, Caterina De Bacco*, Marion Dumas*, Vanessa Ferdinand*, Joshua A. Grochow*, Laurent H├ębert-Dufresne*, Yoav Kallus*, Christopher P. Kempes*, Artemy Kolchinsky*, Daniel B. Larremore*, Eric Libby*, Eleanor A. Power*, Caitlin A. Stern*, Brendan Tracey*.
    Nature Scientific Reports, 9 (15093), (2019).
    [Nature Scientific Reports] [arXiv]

  2. webweb: a tool for creating, displaying, and sharing interactive network visualizations on the web.
    K. Hunter Wapman, Daniel B. Larremore.
    Journal of Open Source Software, 4 (40), 1458, (2019).
    [github] [JOSS]

  3. Productivity, prominence, and the effects of academic environment.
    Samuel F. Way, Allison C. Morgan, Daniel B. Larremore*, Aaron Clauset*.
    Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences USA, 116 (18), (2019).
    [PNAS] [PDF]

  4. Bayes-optimal estimation of overlap between populations of fixed size.
    Daniel B. Larremore.
    PLoS Computational Biology, 15(3) e1006898, (2019).
    [PLOS Computational Biology] [PDF] [code] [web tool]

  5. Robust information capacity requires strong and balanced excitatory and inhibitory synapses.
    Vidit Agrawal, Andrew B. Cowley, Woodrow L. Shew, Daniel B. Larremore, Juan G. Restrepo, Qusay Alfaori.
    Chaos, 28 103115, (2018).
    [Chaos] [arXiv]

  6. A physical model for efficient ranking in networks.
    Caterina De Bacco*, Daniel B. Larremore*, Cristopher Moore..
    Science Advances, 4(7) eaar8260, (2018).
    [Science Advances] [arXiv] [code]

  7. Configuring random graph models with fixed degree sequences.
    Bailey K. Fosdick*, Daniel B. Larremore*, Joel Nishimura*, and Johan Ugander*.
    SIAM Review, 60 (2) 315-355, (2018).
    [SIAM Review] [arXiv] [code & slides]

  8. The misleading narrative of the canonical faculty productivity trajectory.
    Samuel F. Way, Allison C. Morgan, Aaron Clauset*, Daniel B. Larremore*.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 114 (44) E9216-E9223, (2017).
    [PNAS] [PDF]

  9. The ground truth about metadata and community detection in networks.
    Leto Peel*, Daniel B. Larremore*, Aaron Clauset.
    Science Advances, 3 (5) e1602548, (2017).
    [Science Advances] [Supplement] [PDF] [code & data]

  10. Community detection, link prediction, and layer interdependence in multilayer networks.
    Caterina De Bacco, Eleanor A. Power, Daniel B. Larremore, Cristopher Moore.
    Physical Review E, 95 042317, (2017).
    [PRE] [PDF]

  11. Gender, Productivity, and Prestige in Computer Science Faculty Hiring Networks.
    Samuel F. Way, Daniel B. Larremore, Aaron Clauset.
    Proc. 2016 World Wide Web Conference (WWW), 1169-1179, (2016).
    [PDF] [Proc WWW 2016]

  12. Ape parasite origins of human malaria virulence genes.
    Daniel B. Larremore, Sesh A. Sundararaman, Weimin Liu, William R. Proto, Aaron Clauset, Dorothy E. Loy, Sheri Speede, Lindsey J. Plenderleith, Paul M. Sharp, Beatrice H. Hahn, Julian C. Rayner*, Caroline O. Buckee*.
    Nature Communications, 6, 8368, (2015).
    [Nature Comms] [PDF]

  13. Systematic inequality and hierarchy in faculty hiring networks.
    Aaron Clauset, Samuel Arbesman, Daniel B. Larremore.
    Science Advances, 1, e1400005, (2015).
    [Science Advances] [PDF] [code and data] [interactive data visualization]

  14. Immune characterization of P. falciparum parasites with a shared genetic signature in a region of decreasing transmission.
    Amy K. Bei, Ababacar Diouf, Kazutoyo Miura, Daniel B. Larremore, Ulf Ribacke, Gregory Tullo, Eli L. Moss, Daniel E. Neafsey, Rachel F. Daniels, Amir E. Zeituni, Iguosadolo Nosamiefan, Sarah K. Volkman, Ambroise D. Ahouidi, Daouda Ndiaye, Tandakha Dieye, Souleymane Mboup, Caroline O. Buckee, Carole Long, Dyann F. Wirth.
    Infection and Immunity, 83 (1), 276, (2015).
    [Infection and Immunity] [PDF]

  15. Efficiently inferring community structure in bipartite networks.
    Daniel B. Larremore, Aaron Clauset, Abigail Z. Jacobs.
    Physical Review E, 90 (1), 012805, (2014).
    [PRE] [PDF] [code and data]

  16. Inhibition Causes Ceaseless Dynamics in Networks of Excitable Nodes.
    Daniel B. Larremore, Woodrow L. Shew, Edward Ott, Francesco Sorrentino, Juan G. Restrepo.
    Physical Review Letters, 112, 138103, (2014).
    [PRL] [PDF]

  17. A network approach to analyzing highly recombinant malaria parasite genes.
    Daniel B. Larremore, Aaron Clauset, Caroline O. Buckee.
    PLoS Computational Biology, 9 (10), e1003268, (2013).
    [PLoS Comp Bio] [PDF] [interactive figures] [network and sequence data]

  18. Social Climber attachment in forming networks produces phase transition in a measure of connectivity.
    Dane Taylor*, Daniel B. Larremore*.
    Physical Review E, 86, 031140, (2012).
    [PRE] [PDF]

  19. Statistical properties of avalanches in networks.
    Daniel B. Larremore, Marshall Y. Carpenter, Edward Ott, Juan G. Restrepo.
    Physical Review E, 85, 066131, (2012).
    [PRE] [PDF]

  20. Effects of network topology, transmission delays, and refractoriness on the response of coupled excitable systems to a stochastic stimulus.
    Daniel B. Larremore, Woodrow L. Shew, Edward Ott, Juan G. Restrepo.
    Chaos, 21, 025117, (2011).
    [Chaos] [PDF]

  21. Predicting criticality and dynamic range in complex networks: effects of topology.
    Daniel B. Larremore, Woodrow L. Shew, Juan G. Restrepo.
    Physical Review Letters, 106, 058101, (2011).
    [PRL] [PDF]

Essays, Columns, Book Chapters, Miscellaneous

  1. More Inclusive Scholarship Begins With Active Experimentation.
    Daniel B. Larremore, Allison C. Morgan, Aaron Clauset.
    The Chronicle of Higher Education, 1 November, (2017).
    [Chronicle of Higher Ed] [PDF]

  2. Why predicting the future is more than just horseplay.
    Daniel B. Larremore, Aaron Clauset.
    The Christian Science Monitor, 24 April, (2017).
    [The Christian Science Monitor]

  3. On the records.
    Andrew Berdahl, Uttam Bhat, Vanessa Ferdinand, Joshua Garland, Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi, Justin Grana, Joshua A. Grochow, Elizabeth Hobson, Yoav Kallus, Christopher P. Kempes, Artemy Kolchinsky, Daniel B. Larremore, Eric Libby, Eleanor A. Power, Brendan D. Tracey.
    arXiv, (2017).

  4. Data-driven predictions in the science of science.
    Aaron Clauset, Daniel B. Larremore, Roberta Sinatra.
    Science, 355(6324) 477-480, (2017).
    [Science] [PDF]

  5. Critical Dynamics in Complex Networks.
    Daniel B. Larremore, Woodrow L. Shew, Juan G. Restrepo.
    Criticality in Neural Systems, Wiley, 365-392, (2014).

  6. Progess Is Infectious.
    Daniel E. Geer Jr., Daniel B. Larremore.
    IEEE Security & Privacy, 10(6) 94-95, (2012).
    [IEEE S&P] [PDF]

* denotes equal contribution