About the lab

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The Larremore Lab focuses on developing methods of networks, dynamical systems, and statistical inference, to solve problems in social and biological systems. We try to keep a tight loop between data and theory, and learn a lot from confronting models and algorithms with real problems.

In biological systems, we focus on the malaria parasite P. falciparum which evolves rapidly to evade the human immune system. Our goal is to understand the interplay between parasite evolution and human immunity, and its implications for parasite virulence, population structure, and epidemiology.

In social systems, we focus on understanding the patterns and processes that define the ecosystem of scientific research and discovery. Our goal is to combine rigorous computation, ecological theory, and social science to understand how the scientific community can be made more equitable and more productive.

The Larremore Lab is led by Professor Dan Larremore and is part of the Department of Computer Science, the BioFrontiers Institute, and the Complex Systems Group. Many students in the lab are also officers in the Boulder/Denver chapter of the Society of Young Network Scientists.

Lab News

  • 2020 Jun 30 and Jul 1 - Dan will be teaching at the Santa Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School.
  • 2020 Jan 17 - Dan will be giving the CU Boulder Applied Math Colloquium.
  • 2019 Dec 15-20 - Dan will be at the Complex Networks Winter Workshop in Quebec City.
  • 2019 Nov 20-24 - Dan and Erik will be at the ASTMH annual meeting in DC.
  • 2019 Nov 8 - Dan will visit Colorado School of Mines to give the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium. 3:00pm in Chauvenet 143
  • 2019 Oct 24-26 - Dan is heading to the NIMBIOS network null models working group.
  • 2019 Oct 22 - Dynamics of beneficial epidemics published in Nature Scientific Reports.
  • 2019 Oct 22 - Kate is presenting her IQBio rotation work at the Math Bio Seminar in ECCR 257 from 12:00 to 1:00.
  • 2019 Oct 22 - Dan is presenting a Lab Workshop on Clean Code.
  • 2019 Oct 1 - Dan presented a Lab Workshop on Giving a Talk.
  • 2019 Aug 12 - New software paper with Hunter Wapman in The Journal of Open Source Software: webweb: a tool for creating, displaying, and sharing interactive network visualizations on the web. [github] [JOSS].